Creativity in Marketing Advertisements / 広告のクリエイティビティ

One of the main goals of any business is to grow sales. In FiNC, one of our goals is to increase the number of downloads of our app continuously. To achieve that goal, our creative department is required to support our marketing advertisements in some variety. Indeed, creativity and effective marketing do not always meet on the same page. However, by pairing the creative ideas and daily data, you can find the right solutions to increase the impact on your marketing result. Nowadays, through the efforts of collaborative work from the creative department and marketing department, I am glad that our Youtube advertisements list as “good result” on 「Think with Google」.

▼Think with Google

Hi everyone, this is Rita who supports marketing advertisements in the creative department with FiNC.

As we know, when marketers map the customer journey to their business, you can see that most of the customer journey start from the awareness and interest of their customers. Likewise, how to make your potential customers be aware and get the interest in your product/service is the critical factor which will affect your advertising result. Based on this fundamental idea, we have studied lots of good examples, figuring out the solutions to fulfill the unmet customer needs, setting objectives to meet the trademark from different social media, collecting and facilitating information into the right use.

This time in our Youtube ads, since it is quite short, we explicitly point out we are a diet management app company to catch the proper attention by using compelling wording in the least amount of words possible. Besides, using particular screen video (“lifelog” diet management UI) to connect the audience to establish an immediate emotional connection between our service and their unmet needs. Furthermore, to follow the trend and keep customer be interested in our advertisements, our design and style variates with the excellent point of the ads which have good CTR and CVR by analyzing the data every day. Indeed, creativity is to apply our imagination to generate ideas and experimenting with changes. However, to develop compelling creative ideas, it requires the skill as well as the specific understanding of the contents in which creativity is being applied to use – marketing advertisements.

In August this year, our FiNC app reaches to 3 million downloads this year.

▼Press Release

We believe the more we imagine, combine, changes in our marketing advertisements will help to boost our number of downloads of our app in the coming future. After all, creativity is an active process necessarily involved in, and it is also one of the main components to help differentiate the company message from others!





その結果として、先日クリエイティブ部門とマーケティング部門が創り上げたYouTube広告が、「Think with Google」に成功事例として掲載されました。

▼Think with Google

こんにちは、FiNC クリエイティブ部門で広告を制作しているリタです。







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